Crossroads LIVE!

Crossroads LIVE!

by Steve Hollis on September 11th, 2014

Hi Everyone!  

I just wanted to get out a post to you letting you know about Crossroads LIVE!  Crossroads services can be viewed live anywhere in the world on Sunday mornings starting @ 9:00 AM EST.  We will also be testing some recordings of the services as well (the sound on the current recordings of the music is not good but hopefully we'll have that fixed soon). 

We hope that you find this feature a great asset for some future needs.  Hopefully this will be a great aid to those who are shut in, sick, on vacation, or if know of someone that you would like to invite and give them a glimpse of a service.  

You can view Crossroads LIVE! here:

or by clicking on the image entitled Crossroads LIVE! found in the rotator images on the home page.

May God bless you and remember to spread the word... of this website, Crossroads LIVE! but especially of God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ - John 3:16


ps - on your mobile device, we have a mobile version that offers sermons, posts, and upcoming events.  Also, there is a Crossroads FaceBook site if you want to check us out there too.  Search for Crossroads Community Church, Sullivan IN 

Take Care!