Eddie Hammond

You know... there's something special about being a kid.  There's freedom, joy, happiness, smiles and love that surrounds them and there's just something that gravitates you to them. Well... in that vein of thought, we want to introduce you to Eddie.  Eddie, a kid at heart, is a special man of God that has taken on the awesome responsibility of being our Sr, Pastor - our teacher - our friend.

We need to share something with you about Eddie... Eddie didn't grow up thinking, "Hmm? Someday I think I'll become a pastor!"  No, in fact, a thought like that never even crossed his mind until he was saved in the fall of 1970.  Have you ever seen "A Rebel without a Cause"?  Well... that title could have fit Eddie pretty nicely before that fall day when he turned his life over to God.  But even though his past loomed, Eddie quickly became involved with his home church of Salisbury Church in the region of Charleston, IL, by driving the church bus and helping youth find direction in this crazy world.  It wasn't until one day while he was mowing his lawn, that God reached down and tapped Eddie on the shoulder and presented the call upon his life of becoming a pastor.  These words might have come from Eddie's mouth at the time... "Me?! A no good, rebellious punk that has screwed up more times than not... become a pastor?!  You got the wrong guy, Lord... you gotta be kidding! You must be looking for Scott up the road... Me?!"  It was Eddie that God intended and it has been God that has been leading him all the way.  

Eddie has now been in full time ministry since 1984 where he started as Sr. Pastor of the Laurel St. Church of God in Freeport, IL.  After 7 years in Freeport, Eddie went to Mt Carroll, IL where he took the Sr, Pastor position at the Mt. Carroll Church of God and spent another 7 years where he continued to follow the Lord's direction on his life.  In the last couple of years of his service at Mt Carroll, Eddie began to feel a passion to plant a new church that could be relevant to meeting the needs of so many searching souls. In the spring of 1997, he attended a church-plant bootcamp in Atlanta, GA where he met Ron Lucas, a resident of Sullivan, IN who had similar ideas and convictions.  These two men began to pray and seek God's direction for where He was leading them to go.  In December of 1997, Eddie moved to Sullivan, IN along with his lovely wife Dianna, to begin their new journey and 10 short months later, Crossroads Community Church of Sullivan, IN was planted ...and the rest is history in the making.

Eddie and Dianna have two children and three grandchildren.