Experience and Explore the NEW LIVE!

Crossroads Online Community Platform 



You can:
  • Watch the Crossroads LIVE! stream from any WiFi device (casting to your TV is also available)
  • NOTES TAB: Follow along and type in your own highlights in this section. Save, Print, Copy, and so much more in this tab area
  • MOMENTS (CHAT) TAB: Once you log in (top left drop down section), type in comments during the service with relatable remarks that encourages others. As the speaker hits a specific key thought, post an AMEN! or a HALLELUJAH! This is a wonderful way to CONNECT as a COMMUNITY
  • BIBLE TAB: Follow along and look up different translations inside the Bible tab. Enhance your experience by logging in to your YouVersion Bible log in to allow your highlighting and sharing to be seamlessly saved from device to device. 
  • TOP PAGE LINKS (UPPER LEFT on MOBILE): Visit the upper left hand drop down area where you will find:
         - Crossroads Facebook page

         - Get Connected via phone and text (instructions)

         - Online Giving: securely give to continual efforts for the
Kingdom of God 


Make sure to SHARE this platform as we continue to grow as a family and make wonderful connections! Whether we’re online or sitting next to one another, sitting across the table or across the nation, the gospel of Jesus Christ is vibrant and encompasses our lives with life changing love! Jesus is worth our love and life!