Steve Hollis

"I'm blessed beyond my understanding.  I want to live my life as an extension of that blessing by being an example of God's love and grace...I feel this is the best way I can represent true worship - daily walking with God and using my blessings to bless others."  Steve Hollis

Steve spent his growing years being raised in Illinois as a PK... aka - a Pastor's Kid. With his father and grandfather being in the ministry,  Steve had been a part of kingdom building from an early age.  Knowing that coat tails are never a good way to determine one's own ride into a life long occupation, Steve took his time to secure God's call as it referred to him.  After attending Olivet Nazarene University and marrying his beautiful bride Stacy, he began to search the question, "What am I going to be when I grow up?"

Steve had been involved with music all of his life, but never really thought of pursuing it... but pursuing music did come about and at the age of 24, he volunteered to travel with a christian trio called "Higher Destiny" and began visiting the Midwest part of the nation.  After a couple of years, a couple of CDs and many miles, he knew the "weekend warrior" life was taking a toll and not his 'cup of tea'.  During these traveling times, a local pastor who had heard the trio perform, came to Steve and asked if he would be interested in leading worship for their church.  Steve accepted the request and the part time 'gig' lasted for a couple of years.  In the spring of 1996, a life challenge happened to Steve and Stacy just days before they were to welcome their first born into the world... Steve had been involved in a life threatening car accident.  With many answered prayers, 6 surgeries, 4 less organs and 6 weeks inside a hospital; Steve began to make a recovery.  "It's all because of the grace of God," Steve rejoices.  

During this time of recovery and rebuilding, Steve sensed God's direction on his life - a call to the ministry.  He surrendered to this call and understood it to involve the leading of worship.  In the summer of 1997, Steve accepted the job as the worship pastor at Peoria First Church of the Nazarene in Peoria, IL.  After 3 wonderful years in Peoria, he accepted the call to be a part of the church plant which is now Crossroads.  Steve, Stacy, Elijah and Josiah moved to Sullivan, IN where Steve accepted the roll as the worship pastor in 2000 and made the transition of becoming a 'Hoosier' quite nicely.  

"My testimony is my life... and my prayer is, that my life is acceptable and pleasing to my Creator, my Healer, my Deliverer - my God!  To Him be all glory and praise!" Steve Hollis

Steve and Stacy have 3 boys total now... Elijah, Josiah and Judah who was born in 2009.