How It All Started

"It's a God thing!" is one way to describe how Crossroads Community Church came into being. In December of 1996, Eddie attended a meeting in Atlanta and while there met Ron Lucas who shared the same passion and vision for God's kingdom and ministry. They discussed the possibility and feasibility of starting a church in Sullivan. After much prayer and preparation Crossroads was born October 4, 1998.


Building History

The historic Sherman House, a 1917 dinner theatre, was rented for the services. After several months of renting the facility, it was decided to purchase the building. The theater has an interesting history behind it. The building was actually constructed in the 1880's but was destroyed by fire in 1916. T.K. Sherman rebuilt the facility and reopened it in 1917. Once rebuilt, some of the amenities included an electric elevator, lavatories with hot and cold running water in all the offices, and a modern vacuum system. The focus of the building is a 650 seat theater with indirect lighting, ornate plaster relief, balconies and large stained glass chandeliers. It even occupies a spot on the National Registry of Historic Places!


We have renovated the offices and classrooms upstairs but the other areas remain the same. We are looking forward to renovating other areas to provide even more space to do God's work. Although the building is a wonderful facility, it is not the focus of Crossroads.


The main purpose of Crossroads is to provide a place to find direction in a confusing world through Bible based ministry and our Lord Jesus Christ.