We will be meeting in person beginning Sept. 13 at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Our Online Campus will still be available at 10:30 AM.

Prayer Needs & Prayers Answered

Prayer Needs

David and Nancy Holmes, Car Accident

Jason Dikowski

JoAnn Neal

Georgia Wiles

Dana Dicks

Jeter Kelley

Ruth Figg

Bill  Burr, health issues

Tom White

JIm Sparks

Henry Bobe

Diane Cheeseman

Barb and Keith Edwards

Margaret Freitas

Betty lengacher

Curt Hale

Becky Badger

Steve Flath

Hank Pounds

Mickey Garcia

Naomi Pounds

Jerry and Jerry Baker

Jalen Pigg

Cathy Booker's sister

Dylan Woods