Prayer Needs & Prayers Answered

Prayer Needs

The Family of Brian Rodriguez

Ann LaHay

Bob Fouch

Peggy Hader

The Family of Cory Bradbury

The Family of Tyler Snapp

The Hedden Family

Beth Robbins

Tom White

Cody Ayers

David Moody Hunting accident 

Raymond Pirtle- ALS

Terry Kennedy

The Family of Curt Hale

Robert Hollewman

Jonathon Fields

Bob Stanifer

 Stacy Brewer, Health problems, Daughter of Judy Kimmell

Paula Long

Susan Trippet

Robert Phillips

Myron and Kathy Goodman

  Lois Tharpe- Breckinridge Assisted Living

Sharon Russell

Brock Raley

Critical care workers and those effected by covid

The Nation

Crossroads and Crossroads FamilY

Margaret Freitas

Becky Badger- Terre Haute Nursing Home

 Melcine Deal

Rosa Ault Bradmueller

Jane Padgett

Mary Erskine

Norma Harris

Carla Holmes