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Prayer Needs & Prayers Answered

Prayer Needs

Marilyn Bohnert, Mother of Kathy Goodman

David Crooks, Brother of Pam Nation, Health issues

Pastor Eddie Hammond, Shoulder Surgery, May 28th.

The Family of Jeff King ( Son of Bill King, Brother of Jimmy King)

John Parris- having some tests done

The Family of Mary Ellen Powell Cusick, ( Mother of Susan Whitehead)

The Family of Jean Day (Donna Kleckner's Mother)

Nina (Jones) Setzer (loss of her mom)

Tamala Bothell

Jane Shekleton

Tina Stanley

Esther Shepler

Diane Cheeseman

Barb and Keith Edwards

Margaret Freitas

Betty lengacher

Curt Hale

Beth Robbins

Becky Badger

Gloria Betts

Steve Flath

Hank Pounds

Mickey Garcia

Naomi Pounds

Jerry and Jerry Baker

Jalen Pigg

Cathy Booker's sister

Dylan Woods