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WiseChoices Part 3

WiseChoices Part 2

SW WiseChoices CloutvsWisdom Message

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Take God With You

Make the Switch: Faith - Week 3

Make the Switch: Faith - Week 2

Make the Switch: Faith - Week 1

What will you do with the talents God’s given you?

God's plan is better than any plan we can come up with. God is on our side and worth trusting.

Does God Care About My Anxiety

Head Games - Escape Fear

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Check out Part 3 of the Faith series.

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Students are invited to embrace routine during quarantine with some practical tips from teens across the country.


Imagine a world where everything that you called normal has been flipped upside down. School is closed and sports are cancelled. If you’re a senior, you don’t even get to graduate with your class. You’re stuck at home and there’s a virus spreading across the globe leaving people infected—with the disease, and with a sense of terror. That’s the world we’re living in right now. Check out this video series called Faith.


Encourage your heart and mind with these great videos from Life Church Youth series called Grace:The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Part 3 - Restoration

Part 2 - Redemption

Part 1 - Rebellion